My Portfolio

Just some of the things I have worked on over the years, in a development, design or management capacity.


Unreal Engine Work

Examples of work I've done in Unreal Engine 4 for various projects.

Wizard AR App in ARKit

ARKit app for iOS - enter a portal and explore the world of Hazel the mouse from the book, "If I Were a Wizard" by Paul Hamilton.

Scarygirl Location Based Free Roam VR.

The first original, large-scale free roam game currently in production from Dark Slope Studios is Scarygirl: Mission Maybee, a fully immersive 4-8 player, untethered free-roam VR game. The experience is 15 minutes in length and played in a 60’ x 30’ room scale environment.

ARKit Demos

ARKit is going to be one of the most game-changing technologies to emerge in a […]

The Professor Presents: #GotHandles

This is a VR game for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Daydream, developed in collaboration […]

Hermes Mobile Perfumerie AR Experience

AR App for Hermes Perfumerie Opening in NYC


Like Minecraft + PlanetSide + C&C

Hopple Hop

The perfect game for when you have a few minutes to fill! What players are […]

The Crypt

The scariest game you've ever played.

The AA Flagship Experience


Domino Dementia

Say Design &

The Black Knight


Pizza Party Pickup

Say Design & Disney

Jake’s Dragon Tile Combo

Say Design & Disney

Catch The Train


Moonman Blast

Say Design & MTV

MTV Obsessed

Say Design & MTV



CrashMedia & Discovery Channel

MADv – Mars Lander

CrashMedia & Discovery Channel

Mars Commander

CrashMedia & Discovery Channel


CrashMedia & Discovery Channel


Since 2001, I’ve written or contributed to over a dozen books for various publishers.  These […]

Honda Civic Racing

CrashMedia / Honda

Les Schwab Retro Games

Les Schwab

Nicktoons Challenge

Say Design & Nickelodeon

West Side Story Microsite

National Ballet of Canada

Video Wall BBC


Music Experience Mixer

CrashMedia / ETR / Hyundai

Dodge Mashup


Edge Mixer


Grunt-o-tron 5000

A simple drum machine and ringtone make for HP, featuring the sounds of tennis player […]

MINI Mixer


Reese Mixer


Slurpee Mixer

CrashMedia / Slurpee / AOL

Sapporo Showcase

CrashMedia / Sapporo

NU. The Future is NU

Cartilage Inc & Rain 43