Unity AR Development for Disruptive Media Lab.


DML’s latest creative work for Hermès was a digitally focused event and augmented reality (AR) app, to launch the first ever freestanding Hermès Parfumerie. DML’s goal was to faithfully express the rich heritage inherent to Hermès parfums metier, its rich history of innovation and craftsmanship, and the refined artistry that defines the Hermes brand.

DML worked with Hermès to discover an innovative, interactive, mobile-first opening concept for the first-ever stand-alone boutique to the Hermes PARFUMS universe.

To bring this campaign to life, DML + Hermès conceived and produced a launch event that was a celebration of the senses through a distinctly Hermès lens. Guests were fully immersed in a world of Hermès: from the decadent floral-draped entry to a 7-foot rendering of the Origami Cheval featured in the home fragrance collection to the group of drummers playing the iconic Hermes hat boxes.

DML created an augmented reality (AR) app  in support of the Hermès Parfumerie, further blurring the lines between digital and experiential content. The goal was to elevate and enrich the guests’ tactile, physical experience through an innovative journey of discovery. Using the camera of one’s mobile device, the app reveals hidden content throughout the store, allowing the Hermès metier story to unfold before the guests’ eyes.

By embracing Hermès longstanding commitment to evolution and innovation, DML and Hermès successfully created a comprehensive, holistic brand experience that resulted in delight and discovery for a new generation of Hermès customers.


  • Glen Rhodes is a gifted developer blessed with a wide range of skill sets making him an excellent Tech Director. Glen can deliver meticulous code, delegate additional development duties to a team while keeping an overall project on track. Glen also has excellent client facing skills giving clients a great level of confidence. He is a gentleman and a true pleasure to work with.

    William Cranor - Executive Producer (Cartilage Inc)

  • What more can I say? Glen is a top notch developer with 20+ years of experience, as well as a great orchestral composer, and even a quite notable Flash development book author. He is the real deal. His knowledge, experience, and work ethics are incomparable and have helped me and my company get to the next level. He works fast and manages his time wisely. I hired him as a programmer for a 2 month project and by the second week, I was already blown away. Glen went above and beyond his role to ensure the product I had envisioned came to life. He also has a great personality, which makes working with him a pleasure. If you are looking for someone to not only complete the task assigned but exceed expectations, I highly recommend Glen Rhodes, and I will definitely be hiring him again and again for more work in the future.

    Chris Herrin - E-Lethal Games - Unity 3D

  • I have the pleasure of meeting Glen in 2010. I was introduced to him as someone who was being considered for a Sr. Software Architect position with a client. I didn't truly understand Glen's brilliance until the the next day. I was able to sit with him one-on-one and get to see the mastermind that was at work. Glen in an anomaly. He is a gifted software architect/musician. He is also a guy who lives outside of the box, in fact, he doesn't spend much time contemplating a box. Glen is a person who can significantly impact a team that has the right vision and leadership. I would highly recommend to anyone who has projects or products that require a high level thinker

    Ron Nash - Master Career & Business Strategist (MobScience Games)

  • Glen played a critical role in helping BrandHealth develop and launch apps to our healthcare clients. While working with him, he demonstrated that he had the skills, knowledge, passion and patience for technology that would make him an asset on any digital project. Glen shows great leadership and decision-making qualities. His ability to get work done, on time and on budget is one of his greatest talents. Because, at the end of the day, you want to work with smart people who you trust and know will get the job done properly. Glen is on the top of my Go-To list and I look forward to working with him again in the future!

    Sacha Lai-Svirk - Brandhealth

  • Glen has the ideal skill set I was looking for and very much compliments my own creativity, by proxy of him being more technically focused. He is a methodical, systematical, technical, strategic thinker who can get creative using code, digital systems and infrastructure. He understands, front end and back end development and server side capabilities and complexities. He demonstrated the ability to work independently and I especially admire his technical mindset. He continues to show remarkable problem solving ability. He is always going the extra mile, he even spent personal time troubleshooting complex code and finding solutions before global tech companies such as Macromedia and Adobe could figure it out, during my time with working with Glen, we have discovered and identified areas that have improved the digital landscape forever. Make no mistake, that is no small claim - and one I don't use lightly.

    Simon Conlin - FITC