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My name is Glen Rhodes, and over the years I’ve participated in many different projects, for many different clients. I have had the pleasure of working on games, sites, web apps, interactive community oriented sites, music creation software, installations, and many other things. As is normal in a job like mine, you end up working with a wide range of technologies, and in general find yourself constantly adapting and morphing your skill set.  It’s impossible these days to just be a master of a single technology.

I am, however, choosing to focus on Unity 3D and Unreal Engine these days, with a focus on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Game Development, my lifelong passion.  I’m especially keen on what the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will lend to the gaming experience, and have spent quite a bit of time understanding the VR head mounted display, the importance of usability and avoidance of things like “Simulator Sickness”, and the power that an immersive 3D experience brings to a game, or to an installation.

I’m also excitedly diving into the new ARKit from Apple.  It is incredibly exciting to think of the possibilities that can come about with the arbitrary ability to anchor augmented objects and scenes in real world, against planes and surfaces.

I’ve worked with many technologies over the years, including Flash Actionscript, Flash Builder, C, C++, C#, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Xcode, Corona, PhoneGap, PHP, ASP and MySQL to name a small subset. I’ve built front-end solutions, and entire back-end solutions.

My role in the projects generally falls into that of either developer, architect, or technical director. Basically, the guy who makes it happen.

I’ve programmed server software at the hardware level. For example, I created an MP3 rendering script that utilized a modified version of the Sox Mixer to combine sounds to create a music mix, all on the server side.  I’ve done pretty much every major task you’d associate with development, over the years.  Got a game that you need detailed player analytics for? I’ve done that. Need something 3D? No problem. Something 2D with Box 2D physics like Angry Birds? Yup. Word games, action, RPG, UI programming just begin to touch on the various things I have done, and can do.


Some Featured Work: